The Most Famous Wholesales Markets in Istanbul

Turkey has become one of the best and largest shopping destinations in the world, and it is gaining widespread popularity.

This demand was not based only on the retail trade but extended to the wholesale trade, so import and export companies, shipping companies, customs clearance, and others have proliferated.

But the question that has become urgent is: How can the best wholesale markets be known in Turkey?

Osmanbey Market

Osmanbey market is one of the most famous markets in Turkey. The market is located at Osmanbey Street in the Shishli area in the European section of Istanbul.

The Osmanbey market is one of the wholesale markets for women’s clothes and Vestian in Istanbul, which is frequented by traders from all over the world due to the quality of its products. The Osmanbey market is not restricted to wholesale only.

There are retail stores as well as shops for men, sportswear, cosmetics, accessories, and toiletries.

Istoch Trade Center

İstoç” Istoch Center, a huge commercial area that can be reached by subway.

It is a gathering point for wholesale and retail points of sale for various local and international products, including clothes, furnishings, perfumes, cosmetics, gifts, and more.

Merter Market

Merter Market is one of the best and largest wholesale markets for clothes in Istanbul.

It includes hundreds of stores, showrooms, branches of factories, and agencies, which makes it include various types and models of clothes for all ages and sizes at wholesale price.

The Marter market is priced at the right price, despite its high-quality products and this is why many traders from all over the world are attracted to the Merter Market.

Laleli Market

Laleli Market is one of Istanbul’s most famous markets and is located in the middle of the old city.

It includes many wholesale stores for many goods and products, as well as workshops, factories for sewing and detailing leather products, and accessories, which makes it one of the best options for purchasing goods, whether wholesale or retail.

Fatih Wholesale Market

Fatih Wholesale Market is located in the famous Fatih district of Istanbul.

It includes a wide range of stores selling various Turkish products, including clothes, leather products, spices, nuts, and more.

Grand Bazaar Market

Grand Bazaar, one of the very famous markets in Istanbul.

It is a large historical market dating back to the fifteenth century AD, and it is called by several names such as the closed market and the roofed market.

The Grand Bazaar is characterized by the presence of hundreds of shops that sell various goods at wholesale and retail prices, including clothes, jewelry, gold, silver, leather products, handicrafts, souvenirs, furniture, carpets, and many more.

Mahmut Pasha Market

Mahmutpaşa Market, located in the Eminonu area, near the Egyptian Market.

It is considered one of the most popular markets in Istanbul, and it is characterized by the diversity of its products and its moderate prices.

The market contains hundreds of stores‏ ‏dedicated to the sale of different types ‎of goods, whether Wholesale and retail, especially clothes, traditional accessories, bags, shoes, and household items of all kinds.

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