TRENDYOL… How To Buy From The Website Without Any Knowledge Of Turkish Language?

Advantages of Buying from TRENDYOL

TRENDYOL is one of the largest online shopping sites in Turkey, and it includes a huge range of different products that are rarely available in one place.

  • The site provides an accurate search mechanism that makes the user able to compare prices and select the best sellers easily.

  • The site includes a special section for children’s clothing, which includes a wide range of Turkish companies’ latest and best designs
  • TRENDYOL offers several benefits, including:

    • The opportunity to choose from a large number of products.
    • The largest number of offers and prices.
    • See the most accurate product details.
    • Receive products that may not be available in the buyer’s country.
    • Saving time, effort, and transportation costs.
    • Buyers from outside Turkey can obtain all the site’s products through the services provided by “Yollando“..

TRENDYOL Sections  

The products are divided into the TRENDYOL website, in a streamlined manner, making the selection of products and goods easy and fast.

The classification method is based on main headings and subheadings. The main headings are as follows:

  • Woman
  • Man
  • Child
  • Home & Living
  • Supermarket
  • Cosmetic
  • Shoes & Bag
  • Clock & Accessories
  • Electronic


Woman section contains many products, including:


  • Clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, luxury products, cosmetics, sporting goods, and travel products.



Man section contains many products, including:

Clothes, shoes, personal care products, watches, accessories, perfumes, razors, sporting goods, travel, camping and fishing products, electronics, luxury products


 The child section contains many products, including:

  • Mother Baby Products, Toys, Girl’s Toys, Boy Toys, Baby (0-24 Months) Toys, Popular, Brands, Fisher-Price, LEGO, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Outdoor & Garden Toys.
  • Cordless Vehicles, Scooters, Character & Figure Toys, Children’s Books.
  • Breastfeeding Products: Baby Foods, Nutrition Supplies, Baby Bottle, Pacifier, Food Preparation, Sterilizer, Bottle Cleaners
  • Baby Safety Products: Wireless, Camera, Home Security
  • Cradles
  • Baby Beds
  • Baby Diapers & Wet Wipes
  • Baby Care & Bath & Health
  • Baby Cosmetics: Shampoo, Rash Cream, Cream & Lotion, Sunscreen Products

Home and Living

Home and Living section contains many products, including:

  • Tableware & Kitchen: Food & Breakfast Set, Pans & Cookware, Pressure cooker, Glass & Cup & Mug, Tea & Coffee Infuser, Spice Set, Oven & Cake Mold, Kitchenware.
  • Furniture: Hall & Living Room, Bedroom, Study Room, Entrance & Hall, Kitchen, Dining room, Young room, Garden & Balcony, Office furniture.
  • Lighting: Chandelier, Floor lamp, Lampshade, Desk lamp.
  • Home textiles: Duvet cover, Quilt, Pillow, Blanket, Pike & Pique Sets, Carpet & Rug, Curtain, Bathroom Textile, Kitchen Textiles.
  • Home decoration: Chart, Decorative Accessory, Candles & Fragrances, Mirror, Wallpaper, Practical Products,
  • Bathroom: Bathroom Furniture, Shower Systems, Shower, Bathroom Accessory, Faucet & Faucet, Bathroom Textile.
  • Power Tools: Crusher Driller, Drill, Cordless Screwdriver, Milling, Grinder, Bits & Apparatus, Paint Gun, Hobby Tools, and Accessories
  • Hardware: Tool Bag, Room Thermostat, Work Safety Products, Ladder, Paint and Paint Accessories, Water Treatment Devices, Nails and Screws
  • Mechanical Hand Tools: Hand Saw, Pliers, Screwdriver Set, Silicone Gun, Socket Set
  • Work safety: Work Clothes and Overalls, Visors and Goggles, Work Shoes, Nitrile and Armored Gloves, Earmuffs and Earplugs, Helmets, Masks, Warning and Guidance.
  • Books & Magazines: Novel, Essay – Analysis, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Novel Stories, Horror – Thriller, Turkish Literature, World Literature, Story
  • Child Activity & Educational Books, Tales & Stories, Novels, Baby Books
  • Education: Auxiliary Textbooks, Exam Books, KPSS, ALES, DGS, YDS, TYT-AYT, LGS Books, Software, and Technology.
  • Research & History, Academic, Religion, Mythology, Family & Child Care, Hobby, Foreign Language Books, Business, Economic Books, Foreign Language Books.
  • Drone Multicopter
  • Hobby & Game: Remote Control Vehicles, Drone Multicopter, Puzzles, Game Sets, Game & Game Consoles, Mind Games, Board Games, Models, Model Vehicles, Events.
  • Auto Accessories: Tires & Rims, Care Products, Rim, Engine Oil, and Fuel Additives, Battery and Battery Accessories, Mat, Seat Cover, Lighting, Out-Car Accessory, In-Car Accessory, Wiper, Canvas, Audio, and Video Systems, Navigation, In-Vehicle Camera, Tape, Loudspeaker, Amplifier
  • Auto Care and Cleaning Products: Polish, Broom, Washing Shampoos, Lubricants, General Multipurpose Cleaning Products, All Other Cleaning, and Care Products
  • Spare parts: Headlight, Spark Plug, Brake Pad, Filter, Travel Products, Traffic, and First Aid Kits
  • All Motorcycle Products: Motorcycle Models, Motorcycle Accessories
  • Motorcycle Driver Clothes, Helmet, Coat & Jacket, Trousers, Gloves, Boots & Shoes, Raincoats, Backpacks, Motorcycle Protection Equipment, Motorcycle Bags.

  • Garden: Garden Machinery, Garden Furniture, Barbecue, Barbecue, Garden Decoration, Garden Lighting, Flower Growing and Plant Care, Flower Pot, Garden Hand Tools, Garden Repellents


Supermarket section contains many products, including:

  • Detergent & Cleaning Products: Laundry Washing Products, Liquid Detergent, Powder, Detergent, Capsule Detergent, Dish Washing Products, Baby Diapers, and Wet Wipes, Diaper, Wet Cleaning Wipes,
  • Paper Products: Toilet Paper, Paper Towel
  • Coffee: Filter Coffee, Instant Coffee, Turkish Coffee
  • Tea: Bulk Tea, Tea Bags, Herbal Tea
  • Food products: Breakfast Products, Olive oil, Honey, Delicatessen Products, Snacks.
  • Nuts: Dried Fruit, Almond, Peanut, Walnut, Hazelnut, Mixed, Chickpea, Kernel, Fruit Pulp
  • Petshop: Dog Food, Dog Care Products, Dog Collars, Dog Food Containers, Cat Food, Cat Litter, Cat Litter Box, Scratching / Playhouse
  • The fish: Filters, Fish Food, Decorative Materials, Aquarium, Aquarium Supplies
  • Bird: Bird Food, Bird Cages
  • Air Freshener and Fragrances, Garbage Bag, Refrigerator Bag, Stretch Film, Baking Paper.


The cosmetics section contains many products, including:

  • Perfume: Women’s Perfume, Men’s Perfume, Child Perfume
  • Make-up: Mascara, Eyeshadow, Foundation, Eyeliner, Powder, Lipstick, Concealer, Enlightening, Makeup Base, Makeup Remover, Makeup Accessories.
  • Skincare: Face Care, Eye Contour Care, Lip Care, Hand Care, Dermocosmetic, Moisturizer, Anti-Wrinkle, Cleanser, Mask, Blemish Remover
  • Sun Care: Sunscreen and Lotions, After Sun Products, Bronzers, Kids Sunscreen Products
  • Mouse Care: Toothbrush, Spare Head, Rechargeable Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Mouthwash
  • Shaving Products: Shaving Machine, Hair & Beard Clipper, Shaving Foam & Shaving Gel, Razor & Replacement, Male Grooming Products.
  • Haircare: Shampoo, Conditioner, Dry Shampoo, Hair Foam, Hair Spray, Styling Cream and Waxes, Hair Color, Hair Dryer, Hair Straightener & Hair Curler
  • Epilation & Waxing: Epilator, Laser Hair Removal & IPL, Wax, Depilatory Cream, Women Shaving Products.

Shoes & Bags

 Shoes & Bags section contains many products, including:

  • Women’s, men’s, and children’s shoes, classic and sports shoes, boots, sandals, women’s and men’s bags, and school bags, in addition to luxurious shoes and bags with special designs.

Jewelry & Watches

Jewelry & Watches section contains many products, including:

Gold and silver jewelry with the latest models and designs watches for men, women, and children, antiques, diamond jewelry, accessories, all kinds of gifts, and more.


The electronics section contains many products, including:

Computer and its accessories:

  • Laptop, Notebooks, Gaming Computers, Two-in-One, Tablet, Desktop PC, Mini Desktop, Data Storage, USB Memory, Portable Disk, SSD, Memory Card, Motherboard, Graphics Cards, Memory (RAM), Processors, Disk, Case, Network, Smart Home, Router, Modems, Peripherals, Simulation Accessories & Virtual Reality Glasses,
  • Software Products.
  • Accessories: Notebook Bags, Tablet and iPad Accessories, Cables / Switches, and Multiplexers.

Printers and their supplies.

Phones and their accessories:

  • Mobile phones, All Cell Phone Accessories, Smart Watches, Smart Wristbands, Powerbank, Bluetooth Headphones, Cases, Chargers, Charging Cables, In-Car Phone Holders, Screen Protectors.

TV, Video & Sound Systems.

Household appliances:

  • Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Drying Machines, Water Dispenser, Deep Freezers, Cookers, Built-in Sets, Ovens, Microwave Ovens, Cooker hoods, White Goods Accessories & Spare Parts.

Air Conditioners and Heaters:

  • Air conditioners, Combi Boilers, Water heaters, Thermosiphons,
  • Stoves and Heaters: Infrared Heaters, Oil Radiators, Quartz Stoves, Fan Heaters

Electrical Appliances:

  • Iron, Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Dust Bag Vacuum Cleaner, Shaver, Hair Drying and Styling, Epilators and IPL Devices: Epilator.
  • Electric Kitchen Appliances: Tea Maker, Coffee Machine, Blender, Juicer, Blender, Chef, Chopper, Toaster, Spare Parts & Accessories

Photo & Camera:

  • SLR Cameras, Lenses, and Filters, Memory Card & Card Readers.
  • Electronic-Optics (GPS, Binoculars): GPS Device (Handheld), Telescopes & Accessories, Binoculars, Flashlights, Spotting Scope.


  • Playstation, Gaming Laptop PC, Gaming Equipment, Keyboard, Mouse, Headset, Steering Wheel Set, Joystick & Gamepad.

Register a Shopping Account

In case of a previous account, choose: Giriş Yap, Then write your username and password.

Sign In        

In the case of registering on the site for the first time, choose: ÜYE OL,

Here the following list will appear:


In this list, the e-mail, password, and mark to agree to send advertising campaigns.

Once the membership is registered, the phrase “Giriş Yap” will change to the “Hesabım”, and the name of the buyer is written under it.


After that, the stage of registering the buyer detailed information comes, including the name, surname, date of birth, and phone number via the following link:    

Customer’s Address

It is very important, here the address is written in detail, and based on its accuracy, products are delivered to customers quickly and directly.


When you click on the phrase “Yeni Adres Ekleme Formu”, a new window appears that will be filled out completely.

There are two cases related to the residence of the customer, as follows:

First Case:

 The customer’s residence in Turkey. Here he writes his information so that the product and the purchase invoice are sent to his place of residence.

Second Case: Customer Resides Outside Turkey

Here comes the role of the “Yollando” company, where the customer adds the company’s address, phone number, email, and tax number.

All these details are fully provided by Yollando to its Customer.

Yollando compiles all products in one shipment and packaging them professionally, to obtain the lowest possible weight, which leads to a significant reduction in shipping costs…

After that, the shipment is sent to the customer’s door wherever he is anywhere in the world, according to the address that he sent to Yollando.

To subscribe to the services of Yollando and obtain an address in Turkey, click here.

Third: Product Selection

This is the stage of choosing from hundreds of thousands of products, so at this stage, we must distinguish between two basic cases:

First Case: Knowing All the Details of the Product

In this case, the customer enters the site, and he knows exactly the details of the product he wants to buy, and of course, the purchase will be easier and faster.

In this case, the product name and its details are written in the search field.


The customer wants to buy a camera and knows its type, brand, and details, such as Canon EOS 250D.

When results appear, the customer can arrange them according to his priorities, as follows:

1.   According to Suggested Ranking

2.   According to Lowest price

3.   According to Highest price

4.   According to Newests product

5.   According to Best sellers

6.   According to Most liked

7.   According to Most reviewed

Second: Free Search

In this case, the customer has the desire to buy a product, but he does not know its full specifications, such as clothes, textiles, tools, equipment, and others.

For example, a customer wants to buy a men’s T-shirt, so here he enters the categories, and as soon as he selects the word T-shirt, hundreds of options appear in front of him

Purchase & Payment


Order Confirmation

1- Click on the chosen product.

2- Enter the product page and click on: “SEPETE EKLE”.


3- Entering the cart page

4- In the cart, the final price of the product is viewed, and the purchase process is confirmed.


5- After clicking on Sepeti Onayla, the site asks to choose the address that was previously entered, or to add a new address to which the product is sent.


After choosing the product comes the stage of confirming the purchase and payment,

Enter the IBAN.

So that the customer can easily complete the current and subsequent purchase.

Here it should be noted that the accounting is done according to the price of the Turkish lira at the moment that the payment is made, so it is exchanged in the currency in which it is paid, whether it is dollars, riyals, dinars… etc.

Payment is made using a “Master Card” or “Visa Card”, and local bank cash cards are not valid.

The customer must add his payment card information.

If the card information has already been registered, press ÖDEMEYE YAP directly


Arrival Stage of the Products inYollando

  • Products from TRENDYOL warehouse arrive at “Yollando” within the period specified on the website.
  • Once the products reach “Yollando“, they are photographed and the photos sent to the customer.
  • Immediately after that, the products are assembled, wrapped, and packed, and then sent to the customer’s address wherever he is…

Important Tips

  • Ensure that the address of “Yollando” is correctly added to the website.
  • Reading reviews and opinions of previous buyers of a product can be helpful in making the right buying decision.
  • Some products can be purchased in installments on Visa Card or MasterCard.

Can I Buy and Ship from Turkey through Yollando?

Yollandoprovides the opportunity to buy any goods from Turkey without having to come in person. This is through buying from a Turkish website at the same local price, or by selecting a commodity and sending its details to Yollando“.‏

For details of purchasing and shipping by Yollando, click here.‏

Advantages Of Buying And Shipping Through Yollando

  • The possibility of purchasing without limits.
  • Yollando” has agreements with shipping companies, which saves more than 20% of expenses.
  • It deals with major international shipping companies: (Sky Net Express – DHL Express – UPS Express – Aramex).
  • Yollando” saves you many shipping expenses in case you buy more than one product, by combining these products in one shipment, packing them, and sending them to your home.
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