Top Fashion Trends in Turkey 2021


Fashion is defined as the prevailing and current trend in the style and behavior of wearing clothes and accessories.

Despite the superficiality of this definition, it has become a reality, imposing itself strongly on various environments and societies, so that fashion has acquired capabilities in changing behavior, customs, and sometimes traditions.

With the strong influence of international fashion, many people are quick to learn about these trends and try to get them ahead of others.

Fashion trends in Turkey

 The textile industry is one of the leading industries in Turkey, and for this reason, the fashion trends in Turkey are no different from what is prevalent internationally.

Anyone can easily get the latest clothes, fabrics, and accessories in Turkey.

In Turkey, many local brands have gained international fame, and the models of these brands and their designs have become famous trends in the fashion world.

Among these famous brands in the field of clothing, leather products, and accessories: “LC Waikiki “, “Mavi”, “Koton”, “DeFacto”, “Hotiç”, “FLO”, “Kiğılı”, Collezione, İpekyol, Vakko, and many more.

Each of the Turkish companies offers, at the beginning of each season, a wide range of models, innovations, and designs, and these are the latest products of “LC Waikiki”:

LC Waikiki (LCW) Latest Fashion

Founded in 1988, LC Waikiki has been serving under the roof of LC Waikiki Retail since 1997 with the mission “Everyone deserves to dress well” and its approach of “affordable fashion” in Turkey. 

LC Waikiki continues to grow for 32 years both in Turkey and abroad.

LC Waikiki, the leader of the ready-to-wear sector, operates with approximately 1,000 stores and 47,700 employees in 47 countries today. 

The company offered a variety of its latest winter products, including women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, and shoes, as follows:

Women’s Clothing








Suits and Formal Wear



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