The Top 6 Shopping Streets in Turkey

No one visits Istanbul unless shopping is a top priority.

This is regardless of the main purpose of the visit, whether it is for tourism, work, or study.

Despite the luxurious shopping centers in Istanbul, many consumers prefer markets and streets that are full of all imaginable goods and products.

Istanbul has many famous streets, in which buying and selling continue day and night, including:

1- Othman Bey Street

Osmanbey Caddesi, located in the famous shishli district of Istanbul, is a minutes’ walk from Taksim Square.

On this street we find shops selling various local and international products such as clothes, furniture, perfumes, cosmetics, gifts, and others.

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2- Istiklal Street

İstiklal Caddesi is one of the busiest commercial streets in Istanbul, extending from the famous Taksim Square to the Tünel Road.

The street abounds with various types of merchandise, products, gifts, and jewelry.

The products in this street are from the best brands, as well as the small shops that dot the small side streets.

The street also hosts a famous open market called Beyoğlu Balık Pazarı or “Beyoğlu Fish Market”.

In this market, you can shop and eat distinct types of food of various kinds.

A few steps away from the fish market, there is the famous Çiçek Pasajı Pass, whose opening dates back to 1876 AD.

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3- Serdar Akram Street

Serdar-ı Ekrem Caddesi is a street that has the advantage of being close to the famous historical Galata Tower.

This street offers a unique experience in which fun shopping mixes with the magic of history.

On this small cobbled street, small shops line up selling souvenirs and small antiques, as well as clothes, shoes, and accessories.

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4- Abdi Ipekji Street

Abdi İpekçi Caddesi, is one of the most elegant shopping streets in Istanbul, especially as it contains many impressive historical buildings.

The street is also filled with many fine European-style cafes and restaurants, giving the street a distinct look that combines authenticity and contemporary.

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5- Baghdad Street

Bağdat Caddesi, is famous for its luxurious, popular, and affordable shops.

Shops line both sides of the street selling all kinds of merchandise, including clothes, shoes, antiques, antiques, ceramics, copperware, and more.

This street has another advantage, which is its proximity to the coast.

On this street, the visitor will be able to enjoy a quick stroll along the banks of the water, after completing the shopping.

Baghdad Street is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, specifically in the famous “Kadikoy” area.

To go to it through a Google map, click here.

6- Nishantasi Street

Nişantaşı Caddesi, is one of the most important commercial streets of Istanbul, which is popular with Turkish citizens and foreign tourists alike.

The street provides a lot of options for the buyer, as it contains many types of high-end products and merchandise, especially with regard to fashion.

The street is also distinguished by the presence of one of the most prominent commercial centers of Istanbul, which is the “City Nisantasi” Mall.

This mall consists of eight floors, two of these floors are dedicated to local and international fast-food restaurants.

Nisantasi Street is located in the European section of Istanbul, specifically in the famous Sisli district.

To go to it through a Google map, click here.

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