Best 5 Shoe Stores to Buy Online from Turkey and Ship Worldwide

Turkey’s interest in developing its industries was not limited to specific products but extended to include many sectors, especially in the shoe industry.

This sector is not new to the Turkish market, as its history extends to the Ottoman Empire, where shoes were distinguished by their unique designs and distinguished materials.

  • With the passage of time, this industry has developed, and Turkey has mixed the originality of the past with the technology of the present, producing shoes with modern designs, while at the same time maintaining its special character.
  • The shoe industry in Turkey was also distinguished by using the finest types of raw materials that increase the life of the product and at the same time preserve its splendor and aspects of its distinction.
  • this industry’s fame has exceeded the borders of the country, as Turkish shoe and leather products companies are now exporting their products to about 200 countries with revenues exceeding one billion dollars annually.

In Turkey, there are many shoe companies and factories that have a wide local and international fame, due to their high-quality products and good prices, the most prominent of which are:


basics in a small workshop in 1960, today is the undisputed leader of Turkey’s shoe market. FLO, which employs more than 9,700 and indirectly close to 30,000 people, sells 55 million pairs of shoes annually. Reaching almost every point with Turkey’s Store FLOOR, nearly 500 stores in the country, while abroad, serves over 100 stores in 20 countries.


Kinetix, reflecting the energy, colorfulness, and dynamism of youth, is the best-selling sports shoe brand of Turkey. Kinetix, meeting with its consumers at 1100 sales spots all around Turkey. Kinetix performs sales of approximately 12 million pairs of sports shoes per year.


Tergan started his business career by producing belts in 1972, since then Tergan became a brand with export contributing a significant amount to the national economy. Tergan has 40 stores in Turkey and 13 franchise stores abroad in England, Ukraine, Bulgaria and UAE.


Hotiç was established by Salih Hotiç in 1938 and is shoes and accessories brand manufacturing unique and elegant designs suitable for the lifestyles of modern men and women. It created "Hotiç line" by causing addiction and getting classical by combining its quality with hand workmanship as well as the flawless technology with its wide designer staff. Hotiç, today, has 98 sales points at the biggest Shopping Malls and the most prestigious street stores both in Turkey and abroad.


Providing service in the Turkish market with over 1000 color and model options in the summer and winter season, 15 stores in exclusive locations and shopping malls, and over 500 sales points. Hammer Jack exports its products to 25 countries in 2 modern buildings of 15000 m2. Hammer Jack is equipped with the most advanced technology and integrated production facilities in Turkey; produces waterproof, outdoor, men's, women's, children's shoes and boots, complementary accessories.

The Turkish market is also full of many factories and other powerful companies, including: 

How can I buy products from Turkey and ship them through Yollando?

  • Whether the purchase is made, in person, through the Internet, or an intermediary, the issue of shipping and sending goods may take a lot of time and money.
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Ways to buy from Turkey

The First Way:

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The Second Way:

  • Send to “Yollando” a link to the product, using the (Buy For Me) service, and Yollando will buy it for you.

How can I use “Yollando“? 

  • Register on the website of “Yollando“, and get your own unique address in Turkey.
  • Buy the product you want, or let the company buy it for you.
  • Wait for your product to arrive at your address in Turkey and the Yollando team will add it to your account.
  • After you have the packages you’re expecting you can have them shipped to your address by selecting them all.

Advantages of Buying Using “Yollando”

  • The possibility of purchasing without limits.
  • Yollando” has agreements with shipping companies, which saves more than 20% of expenses.
  • Company deals with major international shipping companies: (Sky Net Express – DHL Express – UPS Express – Aramex).
  • Yollando” saves you many shipping expenses in case you buy more than one product, by combining these products in one shipment, packing them, and sending them to your home.
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