Personal Freight.. What it is and its Advantages?

Alternative Ways For Supplying Your Products

As the name suggests, personal freight is the shipping of goods purchased for personal use only. It is not for trading, selling, or buying.

When customs assess the goods as a personal shipment, these goods will have a special kind of handling regarding customs duties in the country of arrival.

This issue of customs duties is perhaps the best advantage of Personal Freight since this naturally affects the total price of goods.

Express air freight is the most suitable option for shipping personal goods, such as gifts, clothes, shoes, textiles, household items, etc.

Many tourists and visitors to Turkey prefer to send their personal shipments in this way.

They do that to avoid paying the fees imposed on the extra weight when they return to their countries.

Personal Freight terms

For the goods to be evaluated as a personal shipment by the customs directorates, several basic conditions must be met, among them:

  • The shipment should be of a personal nature and in non-commercial quantities.
  • The permits and approvals are required from the competent authorities for the goods.
  • Pay taxes and fees in advance, according to the automated clearance system applied in each customs office.
  • The applicant should not be a merchant.
  • The customs office may request the translation of foreign invoices or documents into Arabic.

Types of Personal Goods

Personal goods can be any product that is imported for personal use, such as:

  • Papers and documents
  • Personal bags
  • Furniture
  • Electrical and household tools
  • Clothes and textiles
  • Shoes and leather products
  • Jewelry and accessories

What shipments are not considered personal Personal Goods?

It is not permissible to import goods that are prohibited internationally or locally or subject to international agreements and treaties in force and local regulations.

It is also not permissible to import counterfeit and fraudulent goods or those contrary to approved specifications or intellectual property rights.

How Can I Buy and Ship From Turkey Through Yollando?

Yollando provides the opportunity to buy any goods from Turkey without having to come in person. This is through buying from a Turkish website at the same local price or selecting a commodity and sending its details to “Yollando“.‏

For details of purchasing and shipping by Yollando, click here.

Personal Freight Service with YoLlando

Personal Freight service through express mail is one of the basic services provided by Yollando to its customers

  • Through this service, the customer gets the most appropriate options for shipping his goods, avoiding many procedures, and saving time and money.
  • Yollando Company is characterized by speed and accuracy in shipping goods, and to achieve this it does the following:
  • Door-to-door shipping service.
  • Re-packaging the shipment in proportion to its content.
  • Storage and consolidation of shipments.
  • The many options in shipping from Turkey.
  • Cargo insurance against shipping risks, as desired by the customer.
  • Company tracks the shipment until it reaches its destination.

Advantages of Buying and Shipping Through Yollando

  • The possibility of purchasing without limits.
  • Yollando” has agreements with shipping companies, which saves more than 20% of expenses.
  • It deals with major international shipping companies: (Sky Net Express – DHL Express – UPS Express – Aramex).
  • Yollando” saves you many shipping expenses in case you buy more than one product, by combining these products in one shipment, packing them, and sending them to your home.

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