7 Inspiring Home Decor Ideas from Turkey

  • Home decorations in Turkey have always had their own spirit, which expresses an ancient cultural and social heritage.
  • With the passage of time, ideas and designs evolved and became harmonious with the spirit of the times.
  • Turkish interiors have multiple features that made them occupy a leading position in the decoration sector.
  • Perhaps the most prominent of these features is the extreme simplicity of ideas, harmonious colors, and at the same time sophistication and luxury.
  • The Turkish décor also relies on innovative designs that focus on the exploitation of spaces, which makes it comfortable for the eye, and at the same time achieves the maximum benefit from the furniture and accessories in place.
  • There are many ideas that distinguished Turkish interior designs, and made them popular in many homes of various sizes and levels, the most prominent of which are:

1- Lighting

  • Turkish designs are famous for their ability to distribute lighting units thoughtfully and accurately, which increases the aesthetics of the place and gives it a sophisticated and distinctive look.
  • Lighting units differ in shape, strength, and intensity according to their location in the house, like those in bedrooms differ from their counterparts in dining rooms, internal stairs, swimming pools, children’s rooms… etc.

2- Colors

  • The contrast of colors is one of the most important features of Turkish interior design, especially with its reliance on light and calm colors.
  • This contrast positively affects the size of the apparent internal space of the place, making it more spacious than its real size.
  • White is one of the most popular colors used in Turkish homes, whether as furniture for bedrooms or as paint for walls in dining rooms and kitchens.

3- Mirrors

  • Mirrors are one of the distinctive signs that decorate the walls in Turkish homes, due to the multiple advantages that they have, and their availability for various interior spaces.
  • One of the most important advantages of mirrors is to give more space to places, and it is also one of the best ways to exploit unoccupied spaces.
  • Mirrors can also be used as masterpieces themselves if they are placed in wooden or metal frames decorated with heritage or traditional shapes.

4- Carpet

  • Carpets in Turkey are not just a product or commodity, but rather a cultural heritage that expresses a centuries-old history.
  • Carpets are an essential feature of the elegance that enriches the Turkish house and gives it a unique and refined value.
  • Turkish rugs have many advantages, perhaps the most prominent of which are the unique designs and delicate decorations that are unique to them.
  • Turkish carpets are also characterized by their high density, which ensures their durability and strength and extends their life.
  • In addition, the materials used in the manufacture of Turkish carpets consist of high-quality environmentally friendly materials, such as wool, cotton, mats, acrylic, and silk.

5- Furniture and Woodwork

  • Furniture in Turkey has two benefits, the first of which is to achieve the direct goal of it, whether it is a sofa for sitting or a bed for sleeping.
  • The other benefit is to decorate the place and add luxury and elegance to it.
  • Many craftsmen and furniture producers in Turkey are keen to enrich their products by adding heritage and cultural sculptures that increase the splendor and privacy of the design.

6- Copper Works

  • Turkey is famous for its handicrafts in general and copper works in particular, and skilled coppersmiths markets are spread throughout most of the country.
  • Turkish copperware is distinguished by its high quality, the accuracy of manufacture, and moderate prices.
  • This type of handicraft includes household utensils, copper antiques, heritage products, cups, coffee cups, teapots, chandeliers, trays, and many more.

7- Ceramic Artifacts

  • Ceramic artifacts reflect an ancient history and a deep heritage that stretches back hundreds and thousands of years.
  • Ceramic works have a lot of advantages, foremost of which is their ability to give great positive energy in the place.
  • Turkish Ceramic artifacts are also distinguished by their distinctive shapes, attractive colors, and inscriptions.
  • This Ceramic has a great ability to resist weather factors and maintain its shape for many years, without losing its beauty and luster.

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