How to Buy Bags from Turkey?.. What are the Best Bag Wholesalers in Turkey?

Magic Product

Bags is that magical product that many people love, not only for their benefits but also for their shapes and properties.

Bags have many and varied types, including women, sports, or students, and also those for travel, shopping, or infants.

Not only that, but each type has countless models, and even one model is made with different materials. Thus this product has a huge following not only for necessity but also for luxury.

Turkey has been characterized over the past years by many products that have become milestones at the international level, which many seek to acquire.

The textile and leather industries were among the most prominent Turkish industries, which are distinguished by international quality, innovative designs, and reasonable prices. Of course, bags were among these industries.

Like other products, the import of Turkish bags has increased.

It has become a popular market in many countries, especially with the import and export system followed in Turkey.

This system makes export and import easier for traders and investors.

Wholesale Bags Buying Sites

In Turkey, many factories and companies sell bags of all kinds, including:


The “HAKSEVER” factory, based in Istanbul, specializes in manufacturing all kinds of bags of various shapes and types, especially those made of durable synthetic leather.

Avrupa Çanta

After years of making gifts and bags, the “Europe Chanta” company has dedicated its production lines to the manufacture and sale of promotional bags, backpacks and, laptop bags.

Ayaz Promosyon Çanta

“Ayaz Promotion Chanta” Company, based in Istanbul, specializes in the production of business and travel bags, computer bags, and wallets.

Gençler Çanta

Genclar Chanta” is one of the well-known Turkish companies in the field of manufacturing bags of all types and raw materials, with innovative professional designs.


Flo” is one of the most famous and prominent companies in Turkey.

It specializes in manufacturing all kinds of leather products, including shoes, bags, wallets, etc..

It has hundreds of branches inside and outside Turkey.


Arda” company produces all kinds of bags of various designs and materials such as leather, cloth, gabardine, waterproof bags and others.


The “Clason” company focuses on the durability and elegance of its bags products, at the same time ensuring that it is offered at reasonable prices.

Marmara Çanta

“Marmara Chanta” company was established in 2008 and is specialized in the production of promotional bags and gift bags.

Types of Bags

Bags have many types, most notably:

Women’s Handbags

Neck Bags


Computer Bags

Paper Bags

Youth Bags and Backpacks

Sports Bags


Baby Bags

Garment Bags

Promotional Bags and Shopping Bags

Pizza and Food Bags

Beach Bags

First Aid Bags

Makeup Bags

How Can I Buy From Turkey, and What Services Does Yollando Provide?

Ways to Buy From Turkey

  • Direct Shopping:

The merchant or buyer personally travels to Turkey, visits factories and companies, chooses the goods that suit him, contracts for those goods, and then ships them to his country.

  • Brokers:

This method is based on the knowledge of a reliable and highly rated import company from past clients. That company is assigned to purchase bags with specific specifications, and then the company carries out all purchasing, packing, and shipping procedures.

  • Online Purchase

The technological development that most Turkish companies are keen to keep abreast of, made the buying process easy.

Customer should choose the goods only, then the company ships the goods to him.

How Can I Buy From Turkey Through Yollando?

Yollando provides the opportunity to buy any goods from Turkey without having to come in person. This is through buying from a Turkish website at the same local price or selecting a commodity and sending its details to “Yollando“.‏

The First Way:

  • Buying directly from the websites, then “Yollando” will ship the product as soon as it reaches your address in Turkey.

The Second Way:

  • Send a link to the product to “Yollando“, using the (Buy For Me) service, and Yollando will buy it for you.

Advantages of Buying Using “Yollando

  • The possibility of purchasing without limits.
  • Yollando” has agreements with shipping companies, which saves more than 20% of expenses.
  • It deals with major international shipping companies: (Sky Net Express – DHL Express – UPS Express – Aramex).
  • Yollando” saves you many shipping expenses in case you buy more than one product, by combining these products in one shipment, packing them, and sending them to your home.


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