Trendy Turkish Accessories for the Summer

Accessories play an important and essential role in completing a woman’s elegance and increase her look, especially if they are appropriate for her and are properly coordinated.

Throughout the seasons, some accessories spread and become a trend that women want to keep up with.

The summer season in particular is an ideal opportunity for wandering, hiking, trips, and visits, so its accessories are usually distinguished in form and content.

There are several accessories for the summer that have emerged recently, the most prominent of these accessories are the mesh bag, the mobile bag, the rectangular or yellow glasses, and many others.

Mesh Bag

This bag is distinguished in that its use is not limited to outings, tours with friends, visits, and invitations.

It can also be used as a shopping bag and taken to malls and luxury markets.

Mobile Bag

Small bags for mobile, dominated the fashion of spring-summer 2021, on most international fashion shows.

This bag usually hangs around the neck like a necklace.

This bag is characterized by making access to the mobile quick, and the woman is not obligated to hold the mobile for long periods.


Of course, the need for sunglasses increases in the summer, to achieve its original purpose, which is to protect the eyes from light and harmful rays.

But with the passage of time, these glasses have become one of the most important accessories that women are keen to follow their latest trends and brands.

Although the yellow color of the lenses is old and is not a new trend, it has spread in many international fashion houses during the recent period.

As for the shape of the glasses, the rectangular shape is prevalent these days, in many international fashion houses, with regard to women’s glasses.

Decorative Hats

For some women, hats are not a fashion that takes their time and ends, but rather a way of life.

Many women are keen to wear hats in summer and winter.

Of course, the summer has its character, which is reflected in clothes in general, and hats in particular.

Hats decorated with bright colors and blooming roses are the most popular in the summer.

Big Straw Hats

The big straw hats, undisputedly, are the queen of hats in the summer, especially on beaches and outdoor picnics.

Floral Print Hijab Scarf

Women’s Floral Print Hijab Scarf has imposed itself on the suitable designs for the summer, especially with its ability to harmonize with many models and colors of clothing.

Colorful Plastic Rings

The colorful plastic rings have become abundant in most summer fashion shows, especially those that were characterized by bright colors.

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